About Us

Dalton Service Center began in September 1985 when Mike and Dianne Dalton decided to pursue their dream of offering service excellence throughout the Southwest. With the encouragement and help of great friends, and Mike’s experience within the Maytag Corporation, the Dalton’s bore their namesake company—which would be an industry leader for years to come!

Known as a small mom-and-pop company, Dalton Service Center quickly grew in 1994 when Mike and Dianne’s youngest son, Nicolas, took over after serving in the Navy. Not long after, the company began expanding from part-time office help to full-time office help, each team member bringing their own talents, visions, and contributions to the company.

Now, over 35 years later, Dalton Service Center continues to offer what they set out to achieve: service excellence—and while it’s still a family affair, son Nicolas (Nick) has now assumed the role of leadership. Directing the company and its success, Nick will pursue what his mother and father always have: striving for excellence in service and relationships with customers and factory partners alike.

The Dalton family attributes their success to their dedicated employees and high service standards, and know that these aspects will lead the Dalton Service Center to continue on its excellence for years to come.



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